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Dance is not only a question of coordination, or a whole of steps. Dance is express your own feelings through the movement of all your body and managing to convey them to the people around.

Thanks to my numerous experiences all over the world (I studied in some of the best dance schools in Los Angeles, Paris and Italy) I developed a personal style which blends different languages such as hip hop, jazz funk, contemporary and what rise from the urban culture and the pop music. This fusion, with the help of my creativity, allowes me to express myself in the way I am. Since 2004 I’ve started my career as a teacher and as a professional dancer, providing jazz funk, hip hop, heels and contemporary classes in many schools in Italy.
I also had some teaching and dancing experiences in Paris and I am now in Sydney (Australia) working as a choreographer and as a performer of cultural and entertainment events.

In my opinion, the most important is the communication, the immediate reception of the message.

Laura Lucesoli


Ironic, Seductive, Impressive.
Parental Advisory: my crew, my family.

Parental Advisory


My major way of expression is reviving the classic works and readapting them to the present. I love playing with the emotions and the situations because I think they are always the same in the human race. To reach this aim I use my personal choreographic language and innovative directing techniques, for examples videos, which contribute to give the finishing touch to the implicit messages of my choreographies.

<center>Il viaggio a Reims</center>

Il viaggio a Reims

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<center>Il viaggio a Reims</center>

Il viaggio a Reims

“Il Viaggio a Reims” is a contemporary dance reworking of the homonymous comic opera of Gioachino Rossini.
The direction is supervised by Marinella Ramazzotti, famous musicologist and university professor.
The show is enhanced with innovative direction techniques: first of all the use of a digital scenography in which the dancers interact. The screen shows movies, made with advanced filmmaking techniques (green screen, 3D…), that depeen the story and the characters’ psychology.
The goal is to bring the opera to the public, especially to young people, proposing the use of contemporary forms of expression which are close to the interests of today’s youth, such as urban dance, film and multimedia.



#CINDERELLA is the reworking of the classic fairy tale. The screenplay transports the spectator to an actual scenary which draws elements from the youth world and from their relationship with the contemporary and consumistic society.
The story, besides being told by the dancers with their movements, is also described by the lyrics of the songs, which are chosen from the commercial pop music repertory, in order to describe the situations and to reflect the feelings.
The show is designed for an open space (like an auditorium) as the audience is directly involved: it become the co-protagonist for some moments.
What characterize this show is the plot twist that at the end reverses the collective imaginary of the fairy tale, adding a feminist reflection inside the narration.

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